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Summer 2019

This month we consider how proposals for Medicare for All and public insurance option would impact injured and ill workers, examining the potential for integration of workers' comp medical into a national health insurance system. We also bring you news on farmworkers winning workers' comp and other crucial labor protections in New York, a constitutional challenge to workers' comp law in Florida, and a victory for California workers in the fight against employee misclassification.

Winter 2019

As the new year begins, we report on how profit-driven insurance companies and employers use drug testing and other punitive policies to wrongfully deny and deter workers' compensation claims. We also share news on ill workers struggling to get compensation and raise awareness of toxic exposure, legislative updates from Kentucky and Pennsylvania, and two proposed federal bills that would extend essential labor rights to domestic workers and would allow workers to sue their employers for harassment, discrimination, wage theft, and other illegal treatment rather than being forced into private arbitration.

Summer 2018

This month we report on the opioid epidemic, focusing on how workplace injuries and painkiller dependency, the pharmaceutical industry and profit-driven workers' comp policies have driven addiction to painkillers. We also analyze recent public health and workers' comp legislation, considering which regulative policies present pro-worker solutions and which are mere smokescreens for industry-driven attacks on workers' rights.

Spring 2018

This month we report on sexual harassment in the workplace, analyze the failure of workers' comp and other legal protections to aid victims or prevent further abuse, and highlight organizing and policy innovations that target the root causes of gender-based violence. We also bring you news on proposed comp protections for first responders, a disturbing trend in court-ordered work sentences that deprive participants of fair wages and mistreat injured workers, and more.

Fall 2017

This month we report on the environmental hazards, worker abuses, and barriers to workers' comp faced by cleanup workers in the wake of recent disasters. We also bring you news on retaliation against undocumented injured workers, drastic cuts to the health and safety budget under Trump, and a pathbreaking new deal with Ben & Jerry's ensuring healthy and just working conditions for Vermont dairy workers..

Summer 2017

This month we focus on how a broken regulatory system has enabled a culture of systematic retaliation and fear to take hold in low-wage workplaces, and how affected workers are leading efforts to restore rule of law and protect their rights. We also bring you news on threats to workers' rights under Trump's aggressive anti-immigrant policies, OSHA's worrisome delays on several important health and safety rules, and significant state legislation on workers' comp and universal healthcare.

Spring 2017

This month we report on how major corporations are transforming steady employment into temp work, with dire consequences for health and safety, access to workers' comp, and other basic labor rights. We also bring you news on first responders' struggle for workers' comp, as well as updates on OSHA's new anti-retaliation rule, the ongoing controversy over workers' comp in Florida, and more.

Fall 2016

This month we report on the history of domestic and farm workers' exclusion from workers' comp and other labor laws, looking at challenges and victories in organizing for change in both sectors. We also bring you news on gender discrimination and systemic denials in California's workers' comp system, and updates on trends in workers' comp benefits, health and safety in the poultry and meatpacking industry, and the ongoing fight over employment status and labor rights in the sharing economy.

Spring/Summer 2016

In this edition we report on the latest in the growing national conversation on workers' comp and discuss the potential for national action. We also bring you news on a medical scam in California that has hurt thousands of workers and cost the system over a billion dollars, as well as a review of how injured workers and their attorneys are challenging the constitutionality of Florida's workers' comp system.

Winter 2016

This month we report on a disturbing trend in workers' comp legislation that gives employers control over the claims process and violates injured and ill workers' rights to due process. We also bring you news on a groundbreaking decision declaring Oklahoma's opt-out law unconstitutional and updates on the national conversation developing around workers' comp standards, how big corporations pressure states to cut benefits, and how inadequate wage replacement impacts household finances for injured workers and their families.

Fall 2015

This fall we look at gender discrimination in the workers' comp system and highlight the struggles that women injured or made ill on the job face in accessing medical coverage and income support. We also bring you news on how opt-out laws are affecting workers, how cost shifting hurts workers and the public, and on the delay in renewing benefits for 9/11 first responders.

Summer 2015

This summer we celebrate recent victories for nail salon workers in New York and farmworkers in New Mexico, but also at the barriers to workers' comp still faced by those with occupational illnesses. We also report on threats to injured workers' rights in Texas and Illinois, and on greater protections for farmworkers in New York State and workers in the "app economy."

Spring 2015

Recent reports from ProPublica, NPR, OSHA and Mother Jones highlight how years of legislative attacks on state workers’ compensation systems have imposed tremendous suffering on injured workers, a new brief from NESRI explains systemic retaliation against injured and ill workers, the "sharing economy" threatens to erode access to workers' comp, a powerful business lobby backed by leading retail and supermarket chains is pushing to privatize workers' comp, and Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona, and Kansas all consider new legislation.

March 2015 e-announcement: ProPublica & NPR on "The Demolition of Workers' Compensation"

This e-announcement shares a three-part investigative series on workers' comp by ProPublic and NPR and provides a quick reference guide to accompany the series. The reference guide is intended to help people leverage the reporting to advance efforts to improve state workers' compensation systems.

Winter 2015

Beauty salon workers are exposed to toxic chemicals but face barriers accessing safety information and workers' comp, Lyft and Uber drivers work without workers' comp coverage, workers exposed to asbestos win in court while regulations on other toxic substances remain stalled, and New York state bans fracking.

Fall 2014

A Florida court rules workers’ comp unconstitutional, declaring that it has failed workers so miserably it is no longer a reasonable alternative to filing a civil lawsuit. A new factsheet tracks legislative trends in workers’ comp, misclassification is on the rise in the construction industry, fracking exposes workers to silica and other dangerous toxins, and more.

June 2014

Workers rally nationwide for Workers Memorial Week, retaliation for reporting injuries is on the rise, poor chemical safety and regulation kills an estimated 50,000 workers per year and sickens many more, temp workers are under threat, and more.

February 2014

Injured workers and advocates in New York speak out as the state's Workers' Compensation Board undertakes a hurried re-evaluation process, worker allies in several states push new legislation to protect workers from payroll fraud and other rights violations, a devastating chemical spill in West Virginia brings attention to negligence in the chemical industry, and more.

November 2013

The Center for Public Integrity and ABC News uncover a shocking legal and medical campaign to rob coal miners with black lung disease of workers' comp payments, advocates look beyond OSHA to protect workers from toxic chemicals, and Missouri threatens to dissolve its Second Injury Fund.

October 2013

Opt-out laws strip workers of their rights, California blocks retired NFL players from applying for workers' comp, the USDA proposes to double line speeds in the already brutal poultry industry, first responders and disaster clean up workers face big health and safety risks, and more.

June 2013

Injured workers in Oklahoma and Tennessee see their rights attacked, the effort to protect workers from dangerous silica dust moves forward, recent workplace disasters highlight an appalling lack of corporate accountability, and more.

March 2013

Railway workers gain whistleblower protections, activists rally for a Twitter storm for silica protections, the Vermont Workers' Center joins with unions to push for extend healthcare coverage under the state's new universal, publicly funded healthcare system to injured and ill workers, and more.

December 2012

Workers square off with business lobbies attacking workers' compensation in California, New York, and other states, a whistleblower wins her fight against Pfizer, workers cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy face health and safety risks in the field, and more.


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