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Battle Over Workers' Compensation



This article chronicles the history of legislative reforms that have significantly reduced benefits to injured workers, highlighting the successful political campaign by insurers and employers to stigmatize injured workers and place the blame for rising costs squarely on their shoulders. The article discusses the pro-worker responses to this campaign and makes recommendations for organizing and mobilizing against anti-worker campaigns.

Source: Ellenberger, James N. The Battle Over Workers' Compensation. New Solutions. Vol. 10(3) 217-236 (2000). Article reproduced with permission.

About the Source: New Solutions: A Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health Policy aims to build connections between the labor, environmental, and public health movements. New Solutions brings together a variety of voices concerned with environmental and occupational health hazards facing our world today in order to inspire, organize, and activate ideas for a sustainable future.  Check out the journal at and use the “Click to view articles” link to see the list of volumes. Go to for author instructions and to submit articles.

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