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Checklist of Current Problems in the Workers' Compensation System



This checklist identifies and explores current problems in the workers' compensation system. The checklist includes a basic overview of the system and discusses topics including coverage, indemnity benefits, medical benefits, legal rights, return to work, and insurance.

Source: Author James Ellenberger contributed this article for use in the Workers' Comp Hub Resource Library

About the Author: James Ellenberger worked for nearly 30 years in numerous capacities with the national AFL-CIO. Among his posts, he was responsible for Asian affairs in the organization’s international affairs section and was assistant director of occupational safety and health. He was a senior analyst for unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and disability issues. He later served four years as deputy commissioner of the Virginia Employment Commission under Gov. Mark Warner. A Vietnam War veteran, he has traveled extensively in Asia and the Middle East. Ellenberger has written numerous articles on international labor affairs, social insurance and medical care for injured workers.

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