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Reforming Insurance to Support Workers' Rights to Compensation



This article examines the relationship between the insurance system financing workers' compensation and injured workers' receipt of benefits. The article explores the restructuring of Maine's insurance market in the early 1990s and advocates for the adoption of regulatory systems that prioritize workers' interests over accurate risk pricing. The article argues that insurance should be reoriented to focus on workers' protection and discusses the linkage between workers' compensation and international human rights as a means of protecting workers' rights.  

Source: Martha T. McCluskey, Reforming Insurance to Support Workers' Rights to Compensation, American Journal of Industrial Medicine 55:545-559 (2012).

About the Source: Re-thinking Workers’ Compensation-The Human Rights Perspective, the June 2012 special open-access issue of the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, is now available online. These articles emerged from background papers prepared for the national meeting, “Rethinking Workers’ Compensation: Developing Strategies to Protect Injured/Ill Workers’ Basic Human Rights,” convened by NESRI in 2010.  Authors include Emily Spieler, John Burton, Jeffrey Hilgert, Katherine Lippel, Rebecca Smith and Martha McCluskey.

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