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Spring 2017 newsletter

This month we report on how major corporations are transforming steady employment into temp work, with dire consequences for health and safety, access to workers' comp, and other basic labor rights. We also bring you news on first responders' struggle for workers' comp, as well as updates on OSHA's new anti-retaliation rule, the ongoing controversy over workers' comp in FL, and more. Also please note that we have changed our format slightly.

Fall 2016 Newsletter

This month we report on the history of domestic and farm workers' exclusion from workers' comp and other labor laws, looking at challenges and victories in organizing for change in both sectors. We also bring you news on gender discrimination and systemic denials in California's workers' comp system, and updates on trends in workers' comp benefits, health and safety in the poultry and meatpacking industry, and the ongoing fight over employment status and labor rights in the sharing economy.

Spring/Summer 2016

In this edition we report on the latest in the growing national conversation on workers' comp and discuss the potential for national action. We also bring you news on a medical scam in California that has hurt thousands of workers and cost the system over a billion dollars, as well as a review of how injured workers and their attorneys are challenging the constitutionality of Florida's workers' comp system.

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Winter 2016 newsletter

This month we report on a disturbing trend in workers' comp legislation that gives employers control over the claims process and violates injured and ill workers' rights to due process. We also bring you news on a groundbreaking decision declaring Oklahoma's opt-out law unconstitutional and updates on the national conversation developing around workers' comp standards, how big corporations pressure states to cut benefits, and how inadequate wage replacement impacts household finances for injured workers and their families.

Fall 2015 newsletter

Gender discrimination in workers' comp, how opt-out laws affect workers, how cost shifting hurts workers and the public, and on the delay in renewing benefits for 9/11 first responders.

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Summer 2015 newsletter

Victories for nail salon workers in New York and farmworkers in New Mexico, barriers facing people with occupational illnessesthreats to injured workers' rights in Texas and Illinois, greater protections for farmworkers in New York State and workers in the "app economy."

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It's No Bargain

by Cathy Albisa, human rights lawyer and Executive Director of the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative

Workers’ Memorial Day: A day to remember workers, and also their loved ones

This article details some of the startling statistics motivating Workers' Memorial Day as well as some of the new endeavors that have been taken in order to start addressing these trends, including the United Support & Memorial for Workplace Fatalaties' new release of the Family Bill of Rights Volume II, which takes steps to establish concrete details of what families of deceased workers deserve.

Workers Memorial Week 2014: Highlights of Events from Coast to Coast

Workers Memorial Week 2014 provided an opportunity for groups not only to grieve the loss of their loved ones in work-related deaths, but also to stand together to demand a stop to the negligence. This article details some of the services held across the country as well as ongoing efforts to curb the trend of worker death and injury.