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Emily Spieler, Northeastern Law School: Betraying the Bargain for Injured Workers

A break down of Oklahoma's new workers compensation structure and how it undermines workers rights, chips away at the edifice upon which the system was built, and is revelatory of a larger more startling trend in the US as a whole.

Rebecca Smith, NELP: Affirming the Right for All to Workers’ Compensation: The Fight of Immigrant Workers

One worker's story detailing how immigration law has been an often-used tool for  employers to avoid their obligation to compensate employee injuries, and how some states are beginning to take a stand.

Sam Gold, Injured Worker Activist: The Power of Media to Counter an Abusive Workers’ Comp System

Sam Gold's story of his fight to gain worker's compensation after an on site injury, and how it fueled him to start the National Organization for Worker's Rights.

Tammy Miser, USMWF- Transforming Tragedy Into Human Rights for Workers and Families

Tammy Miser recounts how the loss of her brother led her to begin the USMWF, and their mission to ensure that worker's deaths are not in vain, but can serve to galvanize substantive change. 

Dorry Samuels, National COSH: Reflecting on a Powerful Workers’ Memorial Week of Action

A description of Worker's Memorial Week which was filled with powerful memorials for workers who have died on the job as well as a renewed set of goals to prevent any more unnecessary deaths.

Joie Chowdhury, NESRI: On Workers Memorial Day - Pledging Action for the Human Rights of Workers

NESRI co-director Joie Chodhury paints a stark and upsetting picture on the state of worker safety as it stands in the US today.

Craig Michie, Injured Worker Activist: On the Fight for Workers’ Rights in the Comp System

Craig Michie recounts his struggle to obtain adequate medical care and income compensation after being injured while working at a Las Vegas hotel. This led him to start the oranization, "Nevada Voters Injured at Work" in order to provide assistance for injured workers and try to advocate for changes in the system.

Cathy Stanton, WILG President: Emerging Trends in Legislative Attacks on Injured & Ill workers

Cathy Stanton reviews the history of the workers' compensation system in the US and identifies ten current trends that are working to invalidate the process as a whole.

Patrice Woeppel: Occupational Diseases- Reflections of a Health & Safety Activist and Author

Worker deaths in the United States from occupational diseases, primarily from toxic chemical exposures, are conservatively estimated by NIOSH and other researchers at 50,000 to 60,000 deaths annually.

Becky McClain: Journey from Labroom to Courtroom - The Legal, Emotional & Financial Struggles of Dealing with Occupational Illness and Holding Pfizer Accountable

Becky McClain worked as a career molecular biologist for 23 years. McClain explains that she was working at Pfizer when she was exposed to a bio-agent that led to her developing a serious illness. Recently a federal appeals court found that she was heavily retaliated against for raising health and safety concerns at the workplace. Her trailblazing whistleblower lawsuit against Pfizer is a victory for workers’ rights. Below is an interview with Becky McClain.