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Jim Ellenberger, Retired AFL-CIO: You are Not Alone - Get out there and Organize!

Just a few months ago there were demonstrations in a state where cuts in workers’ compensation were enacted by the legislature. Thousands of workers protested in several locations. In one city, seven thousand turned out in a driving rain storm. The state: New South Wales. The city: Sydney. Try to imagine something similar happening in this country.

If you are reading this, welcome to one of the few positive developments for injured workers and their allies in recent memory. Congratulations to all those who collaborated to make this happen.

María E. Gutiérrez, Interfaith Worker Justice: 10 Suggestions for Making Workers’ Compensation Reform More Significant for the Broader Advocacy Community

Every time I present trainings on workplace health and safety for low-wage and immigrant workers, at least one worker in the room has questions regarding his or her own work-related injury. As sad as it sounds, it is not surprising to learn that low-wage and immigrant workers are usually exposed to the most hazardous workplaces and employed under irregular and irresponsible conditions.